Saturday, May 15, 2010

Heigh ho, heigh ho, it's off to the p. o. I go!

On this hot and sultry day in Louisville, I'm feeling well enough to take a pile of "Sew, a bunny"s that I made in the winter to the post office.

Meanwhile, my daughter annoyed a post office full of people in North Carolina a few weeks ago as she hand-picked the stamps to go on a package to me.


uncustomary said...

ok i just started following your blog after seeing your profile on
i love this picture. and small postage.. i have all of these stamps in my collection by the rectangular black and white one and the one to the right of it. hmmm.!

Unknown said...

You mean the one that says Bill Mauldin? I'd never seen that one before either, OR the one to the right of it. Today I tried to get more of the Abstract Expressionist stamps but they were out -- so I got the Love stamps, which have pansies and are delightful.

uncustomary said...

I love those too! I do have some of the abstract stamps though, but only because I order them online. In person post offices never have what they lead you to believe they do. I'm scared to use them because I am scared that I'll run out of them before I get a chance to order more and then they'll be all gone. I'm so stingy, lol.