Saturday, May 15, 2010

BUBBLES, a tictac mailart project

Documentation from the Bubbles mailart project from Tictac.  Isn't this stunning?  The theme was bubbles, and the mailart is mounted in a swimming pool.

How to find my piece?  Bottom row, third from left, is a big white piece.  The third piece above that white one is mine, and includes bubbles, cleaveage, Koko, and a sense of wonder.

And here is the splendid envelope that accompanied the 8 x 10, along with a 4 x 6 photo.


Mary Has Sound said...

i really like this. i think i saw the bubbles mail art call on and thought it sounded interesting.

is it over now? or are they still accepting?

Boo Cartledge said...

Yes, I think it's over now. I forgot to post the link to the page so you could see. Sorry. But don't you love the swimming pool??