Saturday, May 15, 2010

Enough for today -- And an astonishing P. S.added May 19.

I think I must stop now, for the nonce if not for the day.  I tire easily, even when doing something as sedentary as scanning -- although I'll admit that the scanner is in one room and I'm in another, so there's a lot of up-and-down involved.

Keep in touch; I've got quite a few more pieces to post, as well as the amazing prize I won from the Smithsonian National Postal Museum, which we all ought to join because the staff is lovely and the work they do historically important.  I also have a whole BOOK from my friend Kyra to post, and a card from Iceland (a country I've loved since I first heard of it in third grade), and other really cool stuff.

Y'all keep in touch.

****** Added May 19, 2010.  I just noticed that this post is number 500 on this blog. 500 is a lot.  It's 499 more than 1.  It's the most posts on any of my blogs.  And I'm still having fun.  So -- onward and onward, with chin up and a stiff upper lip and art still to be invented.


Lynette Killam said...

Hello Mary:

I’m new to your blog, though I did send you a postcard last week. I was touched by your admission that you tire easily, and went on to read more. As someone who lives with a chronic illness, I appreciate your tenacity in persevering in your quest to make art. We women have amazing strength in the face of adversity, don’t we?

And congratulations on 500 posts! I just started blogging six months ago and so have a long way to go. Take care…and I’ll pop into your site again soon.

Lynette Killam

Mary said...

Hi Lynette, I know we've been in touch since your comment, but I just now found it in making some needed corrections to earlier posts. I guess I was tired at the time . . . and, yes, our tenacity is unrivaled. Keep up the blogging!