Saturday, December 12, 2009

Big day at USPS

I sent another over-sized postcard yesterday using the back side of this 8 x 13 cereal box. Last week I sent three of these, and the postal clerks discussed under what category to charge me. This week a different clerk handled the transaction, and she immediately knew how to handle it.  She went on to say that if I'd written the card and placed the address vertically, she couldn't accept it; postal regulations disallow such mailings.  (That must have to do with automated machines, don't you think?)  So if you want to send something similar, remember to place the address on the horizontal axis rather than the vertical.

A second tidbit was that the USPS location I frequent was out of 2009 Hanukkah stamps.  They did have 2009 Kwanzaa stamps, which I think are gorgeous, and also the 2009 Winter Holidays stamps, which aren't especially interesting.

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