Thursday, August 4, 2011

Mailart 365 - 200. ATC. Feeling Froggy

Mailart 365 - 200.  ATC.  Feeling Froggy -- and who wouldn't be at having made 200 pieces of mailart for this project since December 1, 2010?  What a roller coaster of inventions, mine and those of all the other artists involved.  Pop on over and see the range of materials and methods and ideas.


The Desert Rocks said...

I'm loving the mail art.
Now a follower.

Mary said...

I'm following you now on networked blogs -- but I forget to go check those, so keep in touch! Also, if you send me your address, I'll pop a piece of mail art off to you -- as soon as I get some more made!

At my other blog I started writing a poem a day on January 1, based on the fibonacci series. I got side-tracked, but you might enjoy seeing them.