Thursday, February 4, 2010

260. It's all about me

 260.  It's all about me

Last year I sent twenty bucks to a worthwhile nonprofit organization.  To thank me, they sent me mailing labels.  They also shared my address, it appears, with several other agencies, who also sent me mailing labels.  It reminds me of the nursery tale about the porridge pot, where porridge pours out and out and out and fills the entire town.  (What, do you suppose, was the moral of THAT story?)  And it's like Bed, Bath, and Beyond, which sends me a large postcard every three days with a discount coupon on it, none of which I've ever used.  ANYHOW, this postcard is going to Mike Smith.

From the It's Only a Book project in which I'm deconstructing my 2003 book, Grace: A Memoir, and turning it into art.

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