Sunday, August 17, 2008

How Will It Work?

I'm still sorting out the question of how exactly this art/writing project will work. Meanwhile, here's a quick Q & A.

Q. What form will the art take?
A. Primarily postcards, because this is a self-funded project; because we can all use more good (real) mail, and because postcard mail art is just so cool; check it out.

Q. How contemporary is mail art?
A. Totally, in that mail artists were recycling when recycling wasn't cool, and they still are.

Q. How many pieces of art do you plan to mail out?
A. Somewhere between 200 and 500.

Q. To whom will you mail the art?
A. It depends on how playful I feel once I get started. I imagine a motley group, though, comprised of folks involved with the book's publication, other friends from along the way, and anybody else who strikes my fancy. Send me an e-mail if you want to be included.

Q. What's my responsibility if I get one of these pieces?
A. The art is being flung out into the universe; "bread on the waters" comes to mind. I ask nothing in return. However, if you'd like to post a comment on this blog or snail-ly mail me a response, that would be great. I'd like this to be a conversation rather than an isolated only-my-voice project.

Q. Are you going to sell my home or e-mail address to fund this project?
A. Would that the gods drive enough traffic here to make it profitable for me to do so -- but, no, even in that case there'll be no passing on of your private information.

Q. Do you guarantee I'll get a piece of art if I e-mail you?
A. This project is like life. There are no guarantees. On the other hand, you have a far better chance if you send me your address than if you don't.

Q. What art materials will you use?
A. Glue. Also paper, string, fabric, fiber, Cray-pas, embroidery thread, cereal boxes, spray paint, water colors, postage stamps, glitter glue, and anything else that comes to hand. But probably not all at once on every card. Also, some cards may include only hand writing. I've been remembering lately how people once wrote a letter down a sheet of paper and then turned the paper 90 degrees and continued writing. I may try that. Writing a new book on an old book ...

Q. When will you begin mailing?
A. Not until I can bring myself to rip that first page out of a book. Yes, it's only a book. No, this isn't sacrilege; rather, it's an exploration, an experiment in ritual, and an adventure. Even so, I can't quite take that first step into deconstruction. Yet. Stay tuned.

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