Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Two months and climbing

Now that I have my mail art all scanned and some of it posted, I'm beginning to scan received pieces.  I went back through posts and (alas!) found I haven't posted any of those since May 21.  That's a little over two months ago, so I have a pile of fabulous art for you to see. Off we go!

 From Louise Kiner in Ontario.

Envelope art from Gigi Butterfly in British Columbia.
 From Julie Bynum.  My beau loves this piece.
 From Dewi in Ontario.
 CHICKENS! from Karin Champlin.
From Jennifer Flowers.  She and her family went shark-tooth hunting a few weeks ago, and she sent me this postcard.  That little lump on the side?  Yep.  That's a shark's tooth.  She sewed it on and then taped over it and was delighted to learn that it survived the mail service.

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