Thursday, March 10, 2011


I've spent two days tidying up the blog.  You may not notice differences, because each one has been minute.  I've added the keyword "sacred art" to each of my pieces of mail art that include passages from my book.  I've given titles to all of the mail art pieces that were lacking them.  Instead of six variations in titles for art received, I'm down to one or two.  All of the changes are in the service of continuity and clarity and ease of communication.  For me, the creator, there's a big payoff to more than a hundred little tiny tasks.  For you, the reader, there may not be a single notice of it.  But as artists we're about making beauty; and being sure that any distractions or discomfort you experience are intentional, not the result of hit-or-miss labeling.

If you're new here, be amazed -- not so much at my work but at the varied and stunning work of other mail artists.  You're welcome to sign up as a follower to the blog, or to follow me on facebook's networked blogs, or to friend me on facebook.  The mail art kingdom is a global community; and I invite you to join in as an active artist or an active viewer. Oh, and you can leave comments, too, if the mood strikes you, and I hope it does, because bloggers feel less like they're casting bread onto the water that's sinking as soon as its out of sight unless once in a while somebody out there speaks to us.

Hugs to all--

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