Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Over-sized postcards

I was getting ready to rip apart this cereal box to turn it into 4 x 6 postcards when I noticed how charming the illustrations are and what an interesting matching game it is. I decided to treat it like an oversized postcard. But what does one write on a postcard so large? Something about Richard Canard, I decided -- specifically, a riff on the materials Richard uses in his art. (Click the image below to read full size; or leave as is if you prefer to squint.)
Then I decided Richard warranted an over-sized postcard, too, so I used the front of the box for him:
Then I returned to the kitchen and discovered ANOTHER great back-of-the-cereal-box . . .
. . . and so I'm putting a second over-sized postcard in the mail to Jack today. What the heck; it's a holiday and he's unavoidably detained in Louisiana.

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