Friday, October 30, 2009

To go (on) or not to go (on)

I got a message from my friend Jeanette the other day. She'd come to see my art but said she couldn't quite figure out if the project is still ongoing.

I was asking myself the same question. When is enough enough? Especially since I've made far more of these cards than I've mailed. Some I don't want to part with. Others I don't know who would be an appropriate recipient. Also, there's a point at which I'll be beating a dead horse. Finally, I've had a few moments lately when being tied to a text has felt restrictive.

On the plus side, I've bought some new bits of fabric in recent weeks; and my friend Mary Flowers gave me a pile of trim that would look oh so wonderful, if not bizarre, on some of these pieces. Right now I'm set to go up to number 300 and then reconsider.

I'm always happy to exchange mail art. If you've sent me something and not got a return, please leave a comment. The post office sometimes has issues with my address -- or perhaps it's with my existence -- and either returns mail sent to me or passes it to the dead letter office. Perseverance is in order.


dosankodebbie said...

Since I only recently learned of your deconstruction project, it seems so fresh and beautiful to me. But I sympathize with your dilemma.

Btw, you said you'd chosen a card to sent me, but it never arrived. I hesitated to mention it, and I feel bad for you if it's gotten lost in the mail. I will be sending another etegami your way soon.

Unknown said...

Thanks for your good words about my pieces. I seem to be coming back around. As for the piece I sent you -- I think I put it on the desk because I wanted to add more stitching to it. I think it may still be on the desk. I'll check now.