Friday, August 7, 2009

The vicissitudes of art

I've been discombobulated all day -- I'm attributing it to the possibility of a move (and DEEP concern that wandering mail art won't reach me) and to having forgotten my ADHD drugs yesterday, plus not having taken one of the drugs since last weekend because I ran out and needed to call (but first to remember to call) the doctor. But I digress. . .

Just in from a walk with Koko, I was walking toward my desk when I tripped and fell forward. I caught myself on the chair before knocking out any teeth, but I bumped the desk hard enough that things on the top shelf came tumbling down. One item was a heavy cardboard photo box, which, on inspection, was filled with mail art pieces I was working on a month ago, or maybe two, before life got exciting. I knew I had a number of pieces somewhere, but because I've been organizing I can't find a damned thing.

Which is to say that in spite of the two Band-aids (to stop the bleeding) on my hands, plus abrasions on my upper arm and foot, I'm now going to spend the afternoon making/finishing mail art pieces. Photos to follow soon.

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