Friday, May 15, 2009

Mail art technique

My new version of mail art is rife with beaded trim. I've happened upon some 90% off sales in the last year or two, and it struck me that rather than storing them for later use, I could utilize them now on mail art. Two concerns had been slowing me down. First is that I might need to photograph rather than scan them to have any hope of a decent facsimile. Second was that they can't be mailed as postcards but, rather, need to be in an envelope, preferably with a bit of bubble paper to protect the beads.

Sometimes you just have to take the plunge. Once I did, and it was time to scan the first one, I realized a bit of tape across the beads would stabilize them for scanning and also be simple to remove after. The scans aren't as good as the ones of flat art, but they're good enough. As far as the cost of postage -- well, some burdens just have to be borne. Mailing overseas costs the same for a postcard or a letter; and as for mailing in the U. S. -- right now I'm having fun using the new first class Simpsons stamps, so it's all working out.

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