Monday, March 9, 2009

7 things I learned making my first 100 pieces of mail art

Seven things I learned in making my first 100 pieces of mail art.

1. It's okay to keep some mail art pieces for myself.

2. Sometimes "daily art" means I make one piece a day. Sometimes it means seven a week. Sometimes it means 30 a month.

3. As soon as I put a bit of fabric on a piece of mail art, I want to start hand stitching.

4. Machine sewing is a lot faster than hand stitching.

5. Either I haven't yet found the perfect glue or I forgot what it was during my recent break.

6. Working in a series cuts down on the decisions to be made and allows for more playfulness.

7. Keeping good records is a virtue, but sometimes it interferes with putting art in the mail.


WEE-HOO said...

I hear you... especially # 7

Boo Cartledge said...

I especially seem to be having an issue with 7 -- BTW 'm sending you a chromatophore soon, with deep thanks for your expansion of my vocabulary.