Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Little Big Art

Here I am! Did you miss me?

I fell off the daily art wagon with a resounding THUMP! this month. You know how it goes. You clean your house for Christmas and put the art supplies where they belong, out of sight, in the second bedroom/studio. You move the coffeetable to make room for the tree, eliminating your base of operations. The holidays end. The tree goes. But the coffeetable and supplies remain where you put them. Ben Franklin said to beware of any enterprise involving new clothes, to which I would add any enterprise involving cleaning your house.

I've also been doing some larger art pieces, as the photos above reveal. This piece is 12 x 16 and is part of my Beargrass Creek series, which includes fiber art based on photos I've taken beside the creek, paint, and trinkets discovered while tramping near Beargrass. I also made two rock and roll shrines for Rock & Roll: The Reunion Tour, now on stage at Actors Theatre in Louisville. The call went out in December for artists willing to pick up one or more of the 100 available 24 x 24 x 2 black wooden boxes, turn them into shrines, and return them. Now they're part of the set design for the play.

Oh, I suppose I could mention the third factor as well: the new book I'm working on. Deadline is coming up quickly, so great gobs of my time are going into its creation.

Stay tuned for photos of my shrines, not to mention more daily art, not to mention more info about the book.

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