Wednesday, December 17, 2008

from Richard Canard

My friend Lisa the technowizard says the same thing as Richard Canard -- that everybody sending just one postcard a week would change the world.

It might even turn the economy around. The postcard salespeople in the Louisville area are certainly getting bigger bonuses since I discovered this life form. It's not just my mail art cards that I send; I use a lot of standard tourist-type postcards, too. Especially for international exchanges, I like the particularity of a card showing a map of Kentucky or the Muhammad Ali Center or the Belle of Louisville or -- one of my favorites -- the bat factory. It's all good, but Richard's are some of the best. His conversation and his ingredients are his artistry - -how cool is that?


The Missive Maven said...

What is this bat factory??? Sounds fascinating!

Heck yeah on the sentiments.

Mary said...

The Louisville Slugger factory and museum are in downtown Louisville. We went on a tour a few years ago and got to see how the bats are manufactured. You can also buy a bat with your name (or the date or whatever else you may want) on it!

Mary said...

And, to actually ANSWER your question, the factory makes baseball bats!