Saturday, November 15, 2008

77. v, q, x

77. v, q, x
4 x 6. Paper, fabric, thread.

From the It's Only a Book project in which I'm deconstructing my 2003 book, Grace: A Memoir, and turning it into art.


Barack on said...

Hi Mary,
I followed your instructions in Today's Woman and set up a blog. I feel so young!
Since I have only a meager grasp of the internet, I will have to learn blogging as I go. My blog space name is Louisville Lit.
This may be fun, if I can fight the fear of first-timer.
Mary Popham--Barack On!

Mary said...

Wooohooo! Congratulations, Mary. There's no rush. You just do one thing at a time. There's always more to learn, but even a little bit takes you a long way.