Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Vittore Baroni

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In light of my posting about Ray Johnson, Cousin Nigel posted a comment saying I might be interested in a video he (Nigel) shot earlier this year in which he interviewed Italian artist Vittore Baroni.

After I read the comment, I found Vittore in all sorts of places. He was an early and remains an active mail artist; wrote a lucid and beautiful eulogy to Ray Johnson; engages others in conceptual conversations on Open Fluxus; and is generous and forthcoming in each of the videos Nigel taped. He also is the proud possessor of a crowbar once owned by Nocturnal Emissions.

You can purchase the photo on the right as part of a group of holiday/tarot postcards; and you might as well pop over to that site and do so while you're thinking about it. The holidays, after all, are nearly upon us.

For more information about Vittore, who has been one of the most active and respected participants in mail art since 1977, you can read this Mail Art Encyclopedia article for an overview about his life and work.
--Here, you can read a Rudd Jansen interview with Vittore

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