Friday, October 17, 2008

58. "Oh, the music!"

58. "Oh, the music!"
4 x 6. Paper, fabric.

"Anthony Holden, in his biography, says that as a child Tchaikovsky drummed his fingers constantly on any hard surface.  One day his sister Fanny found him sobbing in his room, and he said to her, 'Oh, the music, the music! . . . It's here . . . in here!' -- he struck his forehead -- 'and it won't leave me in peace.'  Tchaikovsky has so much passion even the grave can't stifle him."

Sent to Claudia Anderson, February 2010

From the It's Only a Book project in which I'm deconstructing my 2003 book, Grace: A Memoir, and turning it into art.

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