Thursday, September 11, 2008

Found text vs. altered text

I've been looking at sites where people use existing text in artwork and learned that there are two categories: found text and altered text. To do found text, you cut out a given text and glue it into a new piece. With altered text, the text remains whole but by covering up most of the words and highlighting the few that remain, the artist creates a new statement.

Which applies to the work I'm doing here? So far I don't have the desire to obscure my own work, although I've thrown away a few chunks. But to call it found text is to suggest something has been lost and the artist has discovered it. Grace was never lost; I've always known where it is.

In any case, some cool art's being done. Here's a list of good sites to check if you want an overview:
altered silver includes the text of the page on the posting (which cuts down on my squinting)
meanderingmuse -samples from the first altered book by this person
kerismith -a flickr site showing her daily early morning collages
makitu -uses lots of water colors
theneglible -text art by artful zebra
picturetrail -an alteration of the book Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell

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