Saturday, August 23, 2008

"most days and at times several a day"

I spent some time looking at artwork via the website of the Daily Painters Guild. Starting with the Zs and working backwards, so far I've come up with two splendid sites.

Artist Norma Wilson is painting the most charming cows. They're not cartoon-y; it's simply that her art brings out each cow's particular personality. Vibrant and cheery work! She has this to say about it: "One of the biggest obstacles I have had ... as an artist is not knowing what to paint. Now I don't have time to obsess... . I just paint everything."

Artist Diane Whitehead's most recent works are of horses and cows and bears, oh, my! They're vibrant, too, and filled with raw animal energy.

The subtitle on Diane's blog is "a painting most days and at times several a day." I've decided to adopt that philosophy regarding It's Only a Book art. One a day, unless I don't, and sometimes more than that. Yes, I'm in. I'll be posting the first pieces on Monday.

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