Friday, October 28, 2011

Mailart 362 - 212

You just have to love seasonal fabrics.  I know they're called "novelty fabrics" with a sneer in the voice, but I'm so very fond of them.

Mailart 365 -211

I don't know from whence this piece grew, but I love it.

Which reminds me.  The other day my compadre sent me a text message with the last word containing a few extra letters.  It read, "Where are youth?"

I replied, "Youth hath fled.  I know not where."

Mailart 365 -210

A little bony stencil action.

Mailart 365 -209

Mailart 365 - 208

I've sent this piece to the spider who lives in the back yard at my friend Mary Flowers' house.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Mailart 365 -202. Louisville Bunnies 2

 This bunny's a shy little guy.
 He's hiding behind the gate, under a log cabin quilt I bought on ebay a few years ago.  The seller didn't mention it was polyester, but it's lovely and indestructible.
Bunny's habitat has since become part of a mixed media sculpture; before that, the renovators of our house thought they might use it elsewhere.

This bunny is headed off to Carla Cryptic for her Year of the Golden Rabbit mailart call.  Its name is "Midas never understood why the bunny never again twitched its nose."

Mailart 365- 201. The Bunnies of Louisville 1

A bunny or two have taken up residence in favored locations near our house.  This is the Fluffy Stampy Bunny breed.

Sent to Dragonfly Dream.