Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mailart 365 - 192

Mailart 365 - 192.  I think this piece needs a bit more . . . something before it hits the post office box.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Two months and climbing

Now that I have my mail art all scanned and some of it posted, I'm beginning to scan received pieces.  I went back through posts and (alas!) found I haven't posted any of those since May 21.  That's a little over two months ago, so I have a pile of fabulous art for you to see. Off we go!

 From Louise Kiner in Ontario.

Envelope art from Gigi Butterfly in British Columbia.
 From Julie Bynum.  My beau loves this piece.
 From Dewi in Ontario.
 CHICKENS! from Karin Champlin.
From Jennifer Flowers.  She and her family went shark-tooth hunting a few weeks ago, and she sent me this postcard.  That little lump on the side?  Yep.  That's a shark's tooth.  She sewed it on and then taped over it and was delighted to learn that it survived the mail service.

Mailart 365 - 197

Mailart 365 - 197

Mailart 365 - 191

Mailart 365 - 191

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mailart 365 - 190

Mailart 365 - 190.

Mailart 365 - 189

Mailart 365 - 189

Mailart 365 - 188

Mailart 365 - 188.  On summer nights, you can see fireflies flashing in the dark.

Mailart 365 - 185

Mailart 365 - 185

Mailart 365 - 184

Mailart 365 - 184.  For Jennifer Pitzer Brown.

Mailart 365 - 183

Mailart 365 - 183.  I did a massive pile of postcards to send to unmailartistic family and friends announcing our change of address.  All have the golden trees on the front, but I varied the addition and like a few of them well enough to give them their own numbers.

Mailart 365 - 182

Mailart 365 - 182.  I love this piece; it makes me laugh.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mailart 365 - 181

Mail art 365 - 181.  This is an ATC, so the fly is much smaller in person than he appears on the screen.

Mailart 365 - 180

160 of 365 in the mail art 365 project.

Mailart 365 - 178. Go forth

Mailart 365 - 178.  Go forth.

Mailart 365 - 179

Mail art 365 - 179.  Off to Dragonfly Dream.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New Address

Betcha been wondering where I've been.  Well, first I went to North Carolina to attend one grandson's graduation and to see the other off to Bahrain (he's a computer specialist in the U. S.Navy).   I ran into a few problems along the way and ended up spending four days and $1400 more than anticipated.

As soon as I got back from NC, I began madly packing for our move to the other side of Louisville.  The madness finally ended yesterday, when we turned in the keys and drove our overloaded vehicles across town one last time.  Today was spent contacting utilities, post office, etc., to make sure folks can find us. I've put my new address into the Welcome note on the side and will also change it on my IUOMA website and on facebook.  That won't cover the world but will be a good start.

Thanks to all who've been mailing while I've been otherwise employed!  I'll be scanning and posting your pieces soon.  Probably not soon like tomorrow, but soon.